max remote

Meet Max…

Maximus is a Wasteshark created by RanMarine of the Netherlands. The concept is inspired by a Basking shark, native to our Irish waters.

We acquired Max in 2022 thanks to a generous donation by Live Here Love Here. Since spring of 2023 have been working out the kinks and challenges of such a device, and have now successfully launched “Max” and used him to clean several marinas. As we build “Team Max” we plan to do cleans across Northern Ireland.

max wasteshark
the arrival

Volunteers are trained in the safe use of Max and then it is launched in calm waters where we are able to retrieve rubbish floating in the water. Max is a remote water drone controlled by the operator. After hours of training, users learn how to navigate safely and recover Max at the shoreside where rubbish can be unloaded and disposed of.

maximus Wasteshark
Max with Rubbish

Late in 2022 we received another generous donation from Belfast harbour to purchase a trailer and to graphically wrap it. This has become a home for Max as well as a display to share Max’s abilities.

max wasteshark trailer